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Hey, Fellas! If you have an Android device. You might have installed WhatsApp on your Android device. As being the popular messaging application, everyone might have installed WhatsApp on your device. Today I am going to tell about GBWhatsApp. Most of the users might have heard about this app and most of them have not. In today’s article we are going to clear up some of the features of GBWhatsApp and how can you install on your Android device. You can enjoy this awesome mod of WhatsApp app on your Android cutting the long story short below are the new features of latest gb whatsapp version 5.30 apk

New features

  • [ New ] Base Updated to 2.17.24 (PlayStore)
  • View Msg sent by that person) (To Theme this page – go to options after Clicking on View Msg by that Person)
  • [ Exclusive ] Ability to View All Messages of a Specific Person from a Group (Go to Group Profile – Click on the Member Name –
  • [ Exclusive ] Now send any Video upto 30mb as a GIF (Select video to send and on right corner click GIF)
  • [ Exclusive ] Toast whenever any contact changes a Profile Pic (Mod 2.5.7)
  • [ Added ] New Chat Option in Fab
  • [ Fixed ] Hide Last Seen Widget (Now works like Charm)
  • [ Fixed ] Status Privacy in Settings in New UI
  • [ Fixed ] Email Chat
  • [ Fixed ] Navigation Bar Theme on Main Screen
  • [ Fixed ] Mod 2.4.11
  • [ Fixed ] Mod 2.5.5
  • Many More Stability Fixes…

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