Download Free Sound Recorder For Windows PC From Filehippo

There is this free sound recorder I use on my Windows 7 PC that makes it so easy for me to record my voice on my laptop. It is better than Windows own stock audio recording offering and a good alternative to the popular Audacity software if you need a professional sound recording software for your podcasts . This neat little app can record whatever data your sound card is processing. You can use it to record music from any online music site or Internet radio station. It’s a great tool that is relatively lightweight, has a small footprint and is easy to navigate. The interface of the sound recorder is very similar to a media player, in fact, it actually has some media player functionality. There is a “Files list” where you will see list of your recordings. Right there, you can delete any file or add audio files to the list. There is also a small set of media player controls beneath the Files List that enables you to play back recordings.

If you want to download free mp3 sound recorder, then this sound recorder is a must-have. Apart from saving files in mp3 format, you can as well save your audio recordings in WMA, WAV, or Ogg format.

There are also various options to schedule recordings and assign hotkeys to start and stop recording. But, where Free Sound Recorder stands out form the crowd is the Automatic Gain Control. This feature can limit the High Level, Low Level, and Attack Time of recordings when the source is either too loud or too soft. You can download Free Sound Recorder from Filehippo .

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